Kherson combine SKIF attended the opening of the harvest season in Kyiv region

4 July 2012 year.

On July 4 in Doslidnytske, Kyiv region, was held the annual celebration of the First Sheaf holiday, which this year become the holiday of new technologies in crop harvesting.

Alexander Oleinik together with representatives of Kherson Machine-Building Plant also were among the participants. The event was opened by the governor of the Kiev region, Anatoliy Prysyazhnyuk, who wished all agrarians the God’s blessing, rich harvest and good weather conditions during the harvesting season. The first sheaf was consecrated by the priest.

Ukrainian agricultural machinery were demonstrated in action. The president of Kherson Machine-Building Plant Alexander Oleinik solemnly presented to the guests SKIF-230A combine harvester which is now mass produced.

"In order to save the harvest Ukraine must have modern and high-tech agricultural machinery,’’ - said Alexander Oleinik. ‘’You can see by your own eyes how carefully SKIF collects each ear and each grain. Before receiving the patent for production of SKIF-230A combine harvesters, it successfully passed strict tests on all kind of crops and showed the best results with minimum losses. Because of the lack of high quality agricultural machinery, Ukraine annually loses 7-11 million tons of grain. In the money equivalent it is approximately a thousand of new SKIF combine harvesters,” - summarized he.

To the new harvest season KhMBP was preparing with a special responsibility. Recently, the factory introduced the movement "For the quality of the produced machinery" that`s mean that before being transported to the farms the production batch of SKIF combine harvesters is tested on the field.

In April of this year, Kherson Machine-Building Plant started producing of the updated reapers for grain and industrial crops harvesting, which provide more quality, reliable and productive work.

"Today the reapers in Ukraine are in great demand,” sums up the director of Kherson Machine-Building Plant Victor Slobodyanyuk, ‘’last year’s climatic conditions have forced many farmers to reseed the large areas of wheat with other crops. They hope to refund at least some amount of the spent money. And our main task is to justify their trust by providing the reliable and quality equipment that will minimize their costs."


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