SKIF combine harvester took part in Ukrainian Field Day 2012

23 June 2012 year.

On June 21-22 Kherson Machine-Building Plant took part in Ukrainian Field Day 2012 “Technique of successful production”, held in the Leonid Pogorilyy Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute Of Forecasting And Testing Of Machinery And Technologies For Agricultural Production (Leonid Pogorilyy UkrNDIPVT), Doslidnytske, Kyiv region.

Within this event, holding under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, the overview of agricultural machinery for harvesting, processing and storage of different crops, as well as overview of new researches and developments of Leonid Pogorilyy UkrNDIPVT were organized.

This year there were about 60 participants of Ukrainian Field Day 2012 - manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Kherson Machine-Building Plant was one of them. The plant presented its products: SKIF-230A combine harvester and reapers for harvesting corn and sunflower KMS-8 and PZS-8 accordingly.

The upgraded agricultural equipment of KhMBP was highly appreciated by most participants for its high quality and usability. "Very good reaper”, said the ex-test-driver of UkrNDIPVT Peter Gilyai. “8 years ago such reaper hooked up on New Holland combine harvester worked at a speed of 13 km/ h and with yield of 16-18 centners per hectare. Even the U.S. representative was surprised by such a result. And this reaper - is really big progress!"

"Our team do everything possible to offer Ukrainian farmers high-quality, modern and at the same time affordable agricultural machinery,” explained the director of Kherson Machine-Building Plant Victor Slobodyanyuk. “Thanks to Ukrainian Field Day 2012 we were able to prove that national agricultural machinery is not worse than foreign analogues."


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