New development of Kherson Machine-Building Plant team

4 January 2013 year.

SKІF-230A was set for mass production

In recent times Kherson Machine-Building Plant presented at the specialized agricultural exhibitions several new models of SKIF combine harvesters, including SKIF-250R (rice modification). One of them SKІF-230A was set for mass production at the end of this year.

The end of 2012 was also marked by new authoring development - seed-fertilizer seeder.

The plant’s management sincerely thanked all the employees who participated in the creation of a new type of agricultural machinery - seed drill with double disc coulter on parallelogram suspension. The innovation can be characterized by high capability and uniform pressure on the soil. Seed-fertilizer seeder is a low-cost, efficient and resourceful machine. This innovation guarantees high quality seeding along with low expenses and high productivity.

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