Internal Revenue Service: from the fiscal authority - to the service department.

17 October 2012 year.

"Today, we are creating conditions in which the phrase"Internal Revenue Service" will be be associated with high quality service and professionalism. Our format of work is focused on partner relationships with the taxpayers and, as a consequence, securing the filling of the revenue side of the budget," - said the Head of Internal Revenue Service of Kherson region Anatoliy Strashnyi.

Along with increasing of the revenues the range of tax services is also increasing. Today we are actively opening taxpayer service centers, which create the most comfortable environment for providing the full range of tax services. As of today we have already opened 4 service centers in Kherson region. The process of paying taxes should be efficient, comfortable and easy.

High appreciation of the taxpayers received our new service - providing of the tax statements electronically. For 7 months of 2012 we have received more than 156 thousand tax reporting documents in electronic form. It is 40 thousand more than in the same period of the last year.

"The strategic goal of the Internal Revenue Service is countering the shadow economy. Thus the real sector of the economy should not feel the pressure or intervention in their activities." - Anatoliy Strashnyi.

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