International Agricultural Exhibition-Fair "Agro-2012"

11 September 2012 year.

On September 5-8 the 14th International Agricultural Exhibition-Fair "Agro-2012" took place in Kiev. This exhibition is considered to be the most significant and largest state-level event in Ukrainian agricultural sector. It was traditionally held by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Over 734 participants of "Agro-2012" presented their latest achievements and innovations in all agricultural sectors. Kherson Machine-Building Plant also took place in "Agro-2012" and represented it`s latest developments SKIF-250 combine harvester, PZS-12 reaper for sunflower harvesting and KMS-8 reaper for corn harvesting.

At the opening ceremony of the "Agro-2012" President Viktor Yanukovych said that Ukrainian agricultural sector shows positive growth rates. "Agricultural sector in our country is one of the cornerstones of the economy, the guarantee of stability and confidence in future," – the head of state said. - "... Ukrainian agrarian is a careful farmer, who is able to work, to introduce new technologies and to produce high-quality products."

To provide ukrainian agrarians with high-quality, modern and affordable agricultural machinery – that is the main task of Kherson Machine-Building Plant`s team. There is a stereotype that Ukrainian producers are not able to create agricultural equipment that is capable to compete with foreign agricultural equipment. But Kherson Machine-Building Plant intends to destroy it, and to prove that the only significant difference is the much lower price of Ukrainian combine harvesters and reapers.

For significant contribution to the development of the agrarian sector of Ukraine and the production of high-quality KMS-8 reaper for corn harvesting Kherson Machine-Building Plant was awarded the "Gold Medal" of International Exhibition "Agro-2012".

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