KhMBP will conduct the tests of new agricultural machinery on state-owned enterprise pilot farm «Askaniyskoe»

8 February 2013 year.

On February 7, 2013 the delegation of Kherson Machine-Building Plant chaired by the director Victor Slobodyanyuk visited the state-owned enterprise pilot farm «Askaniyskoe».

The head of the pilot farm «Askaniyskoe» Vera Naidyenova told guests about the farm, about the practice of innovative technologies for growing of cattle and sheep. The delegation of KhMBP also discussed with the executives of «Askaniyskoe» the sale of the grain seeds and oilseed crops, modern methods of research of the soil, irrigation and technology of precision planting.

The chief engineer of the farm Mr. Knyazev A. told about the crops of rare plants such as flax, soflor, milk, introduced their machine-tractor fleet, where the agricultural machinery of Kherson Machine-Building Plant is also represented.

Guests also learned about the infrastructure of the village Tavrichanka. Director of KhMBP was pleasantly surprised by the Vera Naidyenova care of the people. Not every Ukrainian village has modern tennis court and dance team of over 100 people. The head of the state-owned enterprise pilot farm «Askaniyskoe»re plans to open the reconditioning center for the people of their village.

According to the results of negotiations, it was agreed to conduct testing of agricultural machinery of Kherson Machine-Building Plant on the fields of pilot farm «Askaniyskoe».

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