Praise to the hands with ”smell of bread"

18 July 2012 year.

On July 18 the leader of Communist Party of Ukraine Petro Symonenko and the deputy of Verkhovna Rada Ekaterina Samoilik visited Kherson Machine-Building Plant.

The guests were greeted by whole KhMBP`s team, as per Ukrainian tradition, with bread and salt. They visited the Museum of the military and labor glory of Kherson Machine-Building Plant, where Petro Symonenko has left his record, saw the modern SKIF 230-A combine harvester as well as the process of production of agricultural machinery.

After that, Petro Symonenko, made a speech for 600 workers of the plant.

The new Communist Party program provides collaboration in development of Ukrainian enterprises in all economic sectors, as well as governmental support. According to the deputy, the products of Ukrainian machine-building enterprises, including the products of Kherson Machine-Building Plant, are as good as the foreign ones. Kherson Machine-Building Plant has great potential and can supply agricultural machinery not only to Ukrainian, but also to foreign customers.

"The main task of the government is to provide Ukrainian producers, of any form of ownership, with market outlets for their products and to support them by affordable prices for all kind of resources. Company’s success heavily depends on the relationships with the government," - says Petro Symonenko.

Support of native machine-building plants will stimulate the agricultural sector of Ukraine, will improve its current condition and will make Ukrainian agricultural machinery available for Ukrainian agrarians, as in case of buying of native agricultural machinery the government refunds the part of its cost.


"We not only have the right, we are able to produce high quality agricultural machinery, we can create jobs, we are ready to export our products and to improve the international image of our country, but of course we need to have the government support," - said President of OOO NPP Kherson Machine-Building Plant Alexander Oleinik with a hope for a prompt feedback from the Ukrainian government.

In memory of this visit the team of KhMBP presented to to Petro Symonenko the miniature of SKIF-230A combine harvester.

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