Kherson Machine-Building Plant celebrated it’s 125th anniversary

24 September 2012 year.

On September 21 Kherson Machine-Building Plant celebrated its 125th anniversary. The history of the plant, which is the only manufacturer of complex agricultural machinery in Ukraine, is closely connected with the history of our nation. For 125 years the plant has trained a great generation of machine builders.

The plant was established in Tsarist Russia by businessman Gurevich, succeed in the Soviet Union and is working and developing in independent Ukraine. Its modern and high-quality combine harvesters are working not only on the fields of our country, but also abroad.

The 125th anniversary was celebrated in Kherson Concert Hall "Jubileynyi." The concert program was held with the participation of the best creative teams of Kherson region. The atmosphere was so emotional that sometimes was hard not to cry. It was obvious that not only the team of the plant, but also the guests of the concert were filled with pride for Kherson Machine-Building Plant and our Motherland.

The congratulations on 125th anniversary from Ukrainian Presidents Viktor Yanukovych and Leonid Kuchma were very pleasant gifts for Kherson machine builders.

"Kherson Machine-Building Plant has a long and eventful history. There were successes and failures, ups and downs. Thanks to the self-sacrificing work and courage of our colleagues our plant survived during the Great Patriotic War. No matter what it was constantly growing, developing and improving. That`s why today we just have no right to stop. Our main task is to supply Ukrainian farmers with high-quality, modern and affordable agricultural machinery. And we will do everything possible to accomplish this task, "- said Director of Kherson Machine-Building Plant Victor Slobodyanuk.

The Vice Governor of Kherson region Anatoliy Khomenko also attended the celebration. "Today Kherson Machine-Building Plant is one of the main budget-forming plant of our region. The plant currently employs more than 700 workers, who are getting a stable salary every month,”- said Vice Governor. –“The KhMBP is cooperating with approximately 200 different enterprises of Ukraine. Kherson Machine-Building Plant makes an important contribution to the economic development of our country.”

Alexander Grigorovich the Head of the Department of engineering and technical supplying and agricultural machine building of Ministry of Agriculture, said that in the context of the reforms identified by the President of Ukraine and the Government the re-equipment of agricultural sector will play a key role in increasing of the volumes of agricultural machinery production. In this process the Kherson machine-building plant will play a special role.

With standing ovations Kherson machine builders supported their colleagues who were awarded with merit certificates, cash bonuses and souvenirs.

"Today we must stimulate the implementation of the program of development of Ukrainian agricultural machine-building sector. Now this question is not only about individual companies or industries, now it the question of the food security of the country, import substitution, new workplaces, financial support of the Ukrainian agrarians,” - said the President of OOO NPP Kherson Machine-Building Plant Alexander Oleinik. – “I would like to express profound gratitude to all people who are working for the success of our plant. Thank you for your hard work and patience!"

Symbolically, that it`s 125th agricultural season Kherson combines have successfully worked on the fields of Ukraine. And the highest award of the Kherson machine builders work were the words of Valeriy Zhabko, Kharkiv combiner (agricultural enterprise “Victoria”), who was working during 14 days under adverse weather conditions on SKIF combine harvester and has threshed above 1890 tons of grain. With such a result he became the winner of the competition between combiners. "Thank you for a good agricultural machinery," - Kharkiv combiner thanked from the stage.

The team of Kherson Machine-Building Plant received the hottest congratulations from the Chairman of Kherson city Vladimir Saldo. "I would like to tell you, dear machine-builders, that you are real patriots! Now KhMBP only spreads its wings, great victories are waiting for you in future! And it’s very nice that such an enterprise is in our city! "- said Vladimir Saldo.

Today Kherson Machine-Building Plant is successfully implementing the latest technologies and this allows it to be a leader on the Ukrainian market. The new slogan of Kherson machine builders are the following words: " The world is not changing, it is only we, who are changing."


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