Our History

Kherson Machine-Building Plant (KhMBP) - is one of the oldest enterprises of agricultural machine-building industry, which was based in 1887 by businessman Gurevich as iron foundry. Since that time the plant has been producing more and more complex machines - from the plough to the modern combine harvester.

Here you can see the most significant events in the history of the Kherson Machine Building Plant:

1923 – Start of production of oil engines.

1931 - At the International Exhibition in Thessaloniki (Greece) the products of the plant was awarded the golden medal.

1934 - The first locomobile was produced.


1935 - Start of production of wind turbines.

1956 - The company acquired the status of a leading enterprise in production of corn harvesting equipment.

1957 - The specialized design engineering bureau was created.


1960 – Start of production of Khersonec-7 corn combine harvesters.

1966 – At exhibition in Moscow the DDA-100M sprinkling unit and OPP-5,0 corn cobs picking machine were awarded golden medals.

1967 – Start of production of SNP-50/80 mobile pumping stations.


1976 - Start of Dnepr DF-120 wide-cut sprinklers production.

1977 - A pilot batch of Khersonec -200 self-propelled corn combine harvester was produced.

1978 - At the International Exhibition in Nitra (Czech Republic) the DF-120 front sprinkler was awarded the golden medal.


1980 - At the International Exhibition in Cesky-Budovitse (Czech Republic), Khersonec - 200 corn combine harvester was awarded the golden medal.

1982 - At the international exhibition in Novi Sad (Yugoslavia), Khersonec-200 corn combine harvester was awarded a big golden medal.

1986 – Start of production of KMD-6 reapers for corn harvesting.


1995 – Production of the first pilot SLAVUTYCH (KZS-9) combine harvesters.

1998 – Start of industrial production of SLAVUTYCH (KZS-9-1) self- propelled combine harvesters.

2000 – On the request of People Republic of China the 4YZ-3 three-row self-propelled corn combine harvester pilot batch was produced.


2003 – Production of the pilot KMC-8 eight-row corn reaper (non-collecting leafy mass).

2005 - SLAVUTYCH (KZS-9-1) Combine Harvester, PZS-8 sunflower reaper and KMS-6 corn reaper became the Best Products of the Year.

2006 – The first pilot versions of PZR-6 rapeseed reaper, pickup platform and ZhZS-7 seven-foot grain reaper were produced.


2007 - Development of production technology of AG-2,4 XX ground-working machines. The first industrial batch of KMS-8 corn reapers was produced.

2008 - Start of industrial production of KMS-8 corn reapers (for all combine harvesters working on the fields of Ukraine).

2009 - Start of industrial production of PZR-6 rapeseed tables (for SLAVUTYCH, DON and AKROS).


2010 – Production of the pilot versions of SKIF-290 and SKIF-330 combine harvesters.

2011 – The first examples of SKIF-230A and SKIF-250R (rice modification) were produced. At Agro-2011 Exhibition KhMBP was awarded a golden medal for the design of the modern combine harvester. The plant got the patent for production of SKIF-230A combine harvester. The first pilot version of PZS-12 reaper for sunflower harvesting was produced.

2012 - Start of mass production of SKIF-230A combine harvesters.

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