SLAVUTYCH combine harvester

SLAVUTYCH combine harvester

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SLAVUTYCH – is a multipurpose self-propelled combine harvester, that using special devices can harvest all kinds of agricultural crops. It was designed for direct and separate harvesting of grain crops. But using special devices it can also harvest different industrial and oil crops, pulse crops, groat crops, seed-breeding grass, grain corn and others. SLAVUTYCH provides high productivity, excellent quality of threshing and possibility to work on foul and poachy fields.

In its main configuration SLAVUTYCH consists of: reaper for grain crops harvesting, reaper carrier, pickup platform, hood and SPTA.


The harvester has a plastic covering.

Operator’s cab

Modern and comfortable operator`s cab with panoramic tinted glass and possibility to create its own microclimate provides good overview of the work area, low noise, effective protection of the operator from the harmful effects of dust, vibration and solar radiation.

SLAVUTYCH`s cab is equipped with:

  • Air conditioner for both cooling and heating;
  • Convenient steering column and seat position that can be set up individually;
  • Ergonomic control gear and instruments providing comfort of combine harvester driving;
  • SATURN-2 on-board computer, which allows operator to control the work of all the systems of the combine harvester detect and bug any faults or defects;
  • Stereo radio/cassette recorder.

  • Engine

    SLAVUTYCH is equipped with JAMZ-238AK-4 fourstroke-cycle fluid cooling diesel engine, which provides a high reliability, maximum performance and smooth trouble-free work in all conditions.

    Efficient air cleaning system, as well as air inlet, greatly lighten operation of the engine, reduce labour inputs and increase the reliability of the combine harvester.

    Running gear

    SLAVUTYCH combine harvester works with minimal pressure on the ground even in the extremely difficult conditions. Wide cross-section off-road tyres provide excellent controllability and maneuverability. Combines are equipped with hydraulic gear of the driving axle and power steering.

    Separation and cleaning systems

    The original design of straw walker provides the better separation of the straw. The straw walker consists of five keys situated on two crankshafts. The principle of operation of the straw walker is based on separation of the grain from the straw as a result of counter-blows of the keys on the separated mass. As the the result the grain is moving to key`s separating sieve. After that the separated grain together with small straw pieces falls into the front of the upper cleaning sieve. On the cleaning sieve the grain is intensively blown with the powerful fan providing high-quality separation of impurities from the grain. The final cleaning of the grain is taking place at the lower sieve. The gills of the lower sieve can be installed in accordance with the size of the grains of the harvested crop.

    The cleaned grain is moving firstly to the grain auger and then to the grain tank. Unthreshed ears with a mixture of grain fall into the ears auger where it is threshed one more time.

    Straw management

    The straw can be both placed in windrows and spreaded on the fields.

    Features and Specifications
    • Throughput, kg/s, not less than - 9
    • Rated engine power (h.p.) - 230
    • Working width of the reaper for grain crops harvesting, m - 6
    • Thresher width, mm - 1500
    • Threshing drum: quantity/diameter, mm - 1/700
    • Concave separation area, m2 - 1,14
    • Straw walker area, m2 - 6,5
    • Sieve pan separation area, m2 - 4,5
    • Grain tank volume, m3 - 6,7
    • Unload rate, l/s, not less than - 50
    • Unload height, m - 3,6
    • Running gear - 4x2
    • Fuel tank volume, l - 475

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