PZS-8 reaper

PZS-8 reaper

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It is known that sunflower seeds mature not simultaneously, so till the beginning of harvesting a significant portion of sunflower seeds (usually of the highest quality) overripe and easily shed. The losses in such cases account to 5 percent or even more.

The circumspect design of the PZS-8 reapers for sunflower harvesting gives the possibility to reduce the loss of sunflower seeds by 2-3 times, that is, to collect 6 tons per season more. In comparison with similar devices this reaper provides harvesting of at least 98% of the crop. The ease and portability of PZS-8 reaper ensures high reliability, performance and quality of harvesting. The reapers can be hooked up to the following combine harvesters: SKIF, SLAVUTYCH, Niva, Don-1500B, Vector, Akros GLC-1218 "Palesse", John Deere, Claas, Massey Ferguson, Topliner, New Holland and others.

PZS-8 reapers for sunflower harvesting provide you serious advantages:

  • High performance

    Stalks are moving along the channel longwise. So, it becomes possible to work at higher speeds which automatically ensure the growth of productivity.

  • High reliability

    High reliability is achieved by the absenсe of the lengthwise transporters for feeding of the cut sunflower heads to the cross auger.

  • Minimizing loss

    The circumspect design of the cutting unit provides smooth, shockless cutting of the stalks without losses of grain. The cutter wheels have special grippers for steady propelling of the cut sunflower heads to the auger. The cowling of the channels have special tank for collection of the sunflower seeds. Also the channels have special chain conveyors which work with the combine harvester at the same speed. The minimal seeds loss is also caused by the design of the gauge dividers having the infinitely variable control of the height of picking up of the cut heads. The reflecting baffle installed on the front shield helps to avoid hanging of stalks (on the shield) during harvesting of tall sunflowers.

Features and Specifications
  • Quantity of the harvested rows - 8
  • Row-spacing width, sm - 70
  • Working width, m - 5,6
  • Productivity, ha/h - 5,6
  • Working speed, km/h - 10
  • Weight, kg - 1800 +/- 100
  • Overall dimensions, mm (length, width, height) - 2600/6090/1480

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