Sun Plant reaper for corn harvesting with working width of 7.4 m

Sun Plant reaper for corn harvesting with working width of 7.4 m

  • Overview
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Sun Plant reaper for corn harvesting with working width of 7.4 m is the new development of OOO NPP "Kherson Machine-Building Plant".
The design of the reaper allows to harvest seeds qualitatively regardless of the direction of seeding. Sun Plant provides harvesting with minimal losses. After it`s work there are only stems and leaves on the field. It also allows to harvest sunflower within a very short time, and therefore provides less dependence on rainfall and better quality of the harvested material.
Usage of high quality components and materials and usage of simple but functional design systems provide minimal losses of time and costs for technical maintenance. Thanking to adapters (dash kits) the reaper can be hooked up to any combine harvester.

Sun Plant reaper for corn harvesting has distinct advantages:
- passive moving of the stalks to the cutting knife increases the combine harvester`s speed;
- fixation of the drive gear protects the sidewall of the reaper from dynamic loads (vibrations, shock), thereby improves reliability and increases the service life;
- cutting below the sunflower stalks significantly reduces impurity and humidity of the seeds, and load on the combine harvester due to the smaller threshing and additional cleaning;
- rubberized mudflap on the front casing soften the blow of the stalks, thereby reduces losses;
- opportunity to harvest in any direction, both along and across the rows.

Features and Specifications
  • Type - mounted
  • Working width, m - 7,4
  • Productivity, ha/h - depending on combine harvester
  • Working speed, km/h - to 12
  • Weight, kg - 2130
  • Overall dimensions, mm:
  • - length - 2340
  • - width - 7600
  • - height - 1100

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