TAVRICHANKA - universal seed drill

TAVRICHANKA - universal seed drill

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TAVRICHANKA - universal seed drill is used for sowing seeds of grain, small- and middle-seed pulse crops and other similar in size and seeding rate crops along with simultaneous fertilization. It also can be used for drilling of industrial crops and free running grass seeds on fields treated by minimum/zero or traditional technology.

TAVRICHANKA shows excellent results of drilling on different soils due to strong and reliable construction. Reequipment for transportation is quick and easy.

There is a possibility of aggregating 2 separate units in one seed drill with working widths of 12 m.

Drilling part

  1. Turbodisk
  2. Sock disk
  3. Keeton seed firmer
  4. Press-wheel coverer
  5. Spring of the colter
  6. Spring of the sock

The turbodisk of the colter produced from boron steel (Ø16 ", made in Argentina) is set on the front sowing line. It provides cutting of straw and also loosens and prepares a soil for sock disk processing. The depth of colter`s work can be regulated.

Sock in section

After processing by colter its work starts two-disc sock. Disks of the sock are produced from the hardened steel 65g, 4 mm thick. Disc`s diameter is 15 ". Two disks are shifted from each other by 13 mm. The complex geometry of their position provides a high quality of seed placement and self-cleaning during operation. Also, there is a scraper for best cleaning of the socker`s disc inner surface.

To keep the seeds in the bottom of the furrow, we use seed firmer (made in USA), which helps to keep high speed of drilling.

Drilling depth is regulated by wheel with atmospheric pressure tire mounted on two bearings. This wheel simultaneously performs the function of the coverer. Adjustment is possible for each sock separately.

Sock disk

  1. Bearing
  2. Auto gaiter
  3. Cover
  4. Sock`s disk

Disks of the sock are installed on the closed ball bearings, which are in a cavity filled with lithologic-24 and protected by auto gaiter that ensures its long life.

TAVRICHANKA is equipped with a hydraulic system.

The system is equipped with a four-section gear flow divider of the company «Bondioli & Pavesi», which allows all four cylinders of the supporting wheels run smoothly and simultaneously.

The speed of the cylinders on the markers is controlled by the throttle.

All cylinders are produced in Italy by the company «Giuliani».

The drive and control

TAVRICHANKA-6 has mechanically driven drilling mechanisms.

The seeding rate can be regulated by variable speed case produced by famous german company. Drives of grain and fertilizer mechanisms have separate variators. Besides all the drive of grain mechanism is equipped with gear drive which provides seeding rate from 0.8 to 400 kg / ha.

TAVRICHANKA-6 drilling mechanism is also made in Germany. It has two different rollers (for large and small seeds) which can be easily and quickly switched from one to another.

Control of drilling

The drill is equipped with a drilling control system (each unit has an optical sensor), sensors of tank`s fullness and planted area. All calculations and recordings are conducted by means of the control unit, which is part of the standard configuration and is installed in the tractor cab.

Features and Specifications
  • Grain capacity - 1200 / 2400
  • Fertilizer capacity - 600 / 1200
  • Transmission for seeds - variable speed case
  • Transmission for fertilizer - variable speed case
  • Sowing and fertilizing depth - 2-9 cm
  • Power of tractor - 150 hp / 300 hp
  • Width during transportation - 4,2 m
  • Weight of the empty machine - 6 200 kg / 13 000 kg

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