KMS-6 reaper

KMS-6 reaper

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From the second quarter 2012 Kherson Machine-Building Plant started production of the upgraded reapers for corn harvesting KMS-6. It increases the productivity by 15-20% and significantly reduces the fuel consumption.

The reapers can be hooked up to the following combine harvesters: SKIF, SLAVUTYCH, Niva, Don-1500B, Vector, Akros GLC-1218 "Palesse", John Deere, Claas, Massey Ferguson, Topliner, New Holland and others.

The KMS-6 reapers have the following advantages:

  1. The reapers can be easily and quickly hooked up to every national and foreign combine harvester with a help of special removable spacer. For quick and reliable hooking up the upper heavy hooks were designed. The reaper is tightly fasten to the spacer`s frame at the bottom.
  2. The reaper has automatic drivegear stretсhing devices. All the belts and chains are with significantly increased pulling power. Metal wares are of the increased quality class.
  3. Improved construction of the channel with picking rollers and transporters of the stalks provides maximum performance of the reaper.
  4. To improve the technical and technological reliability of the reapers the overload clutches and sleeves of the gear boxes on the left and right channel also have been significantly strengthened.
  5. The carrier of the spherical bearing of the roller`s drivegear was strengthened.
  6. The strengthened front bearings of the rollers (produced from forging) are tightly fixed on the side bars of the channel that`s makes possible the stepless regulation of the distance at the entrance to the picking rolls.
  7. For harvesting of high-yielding corn hybrids the cob`s auger (produced from extra-heavy precision pipe) was strengthened. The central part of the auger is equipped with the heavy vanes for propelling of the cobs to the feeder house.
  8. The driving roller of the auger was strengthened with overload clutch.
  9. The barred windows on the reaper`s wind board give operator the best possible view of the intake auger.
Features and Specifications
  • Quantity of the harvested rows - 6
  • Row-spacing width, sm - 70
  • Working width, m - 4,2
  • Productivity, ha/h - 3
  • Working speed, km/h - 7
  • Weight, kg - 2250 +/- 120
  • Overall dimensions, mm (length, width, height) - 3000/4370/1250

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