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Device for rapeseed harvesting (rapeseed table) PZR-6 is the separate mechanism that is hooked up to the reaper for grain crops harvesting. In comparison with traditional mechanical devices using of PZR-6 gives the possibility to minimize the losses of the rapeseed during harvesting.

Device for harvesting of the rapeseed can be hooked up to the reapers for grain crops harvesting with the cutting width of 6 meters, which is aggregated with SLAVUTYCH, SKIF, Don-1500B, Vector and Akros combine harvesters.

The principle of work of the device is based on the cutting of rapeseed with the cutter and side dividers and its further threshing in the thresher of combine harvester. The distinctive advantage of PZR-6 is more reliable, in comparison with mechanical, automatic hydraulic drive of the vertical cutters on the left and right sides. It eliminates the possibility of serious damages of the device. The drive of the cutters on the left side can be switched on when some swaths need to be done.

Features and Specifications
  • Working width, m - 6.0
  • Productivity performance, ha/h - 4,5
  • Working speed, km/h - 8
  • Weight, kg - 570
  • Overall dimensions, mm (length, width, height) - 6442/1462/1543

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