ZhZS-6 reaper

ZhZS-6 reaper

  • Overview
  • Basic data

The reaper for grain crops harvesting is the first part of the combine harvester, which is facing with the crop, and the quality of its work determines the quality of work of the combine harvester in general.

Reaper for grain crops harvesting is a part of the basic configuration of SKIF and SLAVUTYCH combine harvesters.

The reaper with a hinged and balanced body automatically copies the relief of the field lengthwise and crosswise at the defined cutting height. The reaper`s hydraulic system is connected to the hydraulic system of the combine harvester and is under control of the operator. The shutoff valves for prevention of oil leak during the hooking up of the reaper to the combine harvester are installed in the hooking up hydraulic connectors. All the driving elements of the reaper are covered with special metal and plastic casing.


Five-blades reel brings the portion of the stalks to the cutting unit and transport the cut stalks to the reaper`s auger. The blades can take up different positions. In the process of tines can occupy different positions - tilted back and forth. During rotating of the reel the slope of the blades changes automatically. The reel raises and drops by two hydraulic cylinders acting simultaneously. The handling radius and the height of the reel towards the reaper are regulated by the operator of the combine harvester cab. The rotating motion of the reel is provided by belt variator installed in its right side. The control of the rotating speed of the reel is also performed by the operator.

Cutting unit

The planetary drive of a scythe of SCHUMACHER system provides long and reliable work of the cutting unit. The cutting stroke is 85 mm and the distance between twin fingers - 76.2 mm.

Reaper`s auger

The auger of the reaper carries the cut stalks to it`s center part. Here in the central part the four-eccentric finger mechanism transport the cut stalks from the auger to the spacer`s beater which is an intermediary part between the reaper and feeder house.

Features and Specifications
  • Type – front, auger-type
  • Working width, m – 6
  • Speed of cutting unit, not less than, m/sec – 1.3
  • Сutting stroke, mm – 86
  • Reel – multipurpose, five-blades
  • Auger – integral
  • Speed of the transporter, m/sec – 3
  • Weight, kg – 1 955
  • Overall dimensions, mm (length, width, height), mm – 2 750/ 4 350/ 1 350

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